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Wallpaper Print

A custom wallpaper is in fact an image or design that is custom-made to your size, design and color on a white and raw wall paper and can be installed in standard wall paper. Custom-made wall paper with designs such as city, forest, sea, portraiture and ... Print quality is very important because it gives you a sense of existential view of the scientist at home and at work, and also these images should be the ratio It is resistant to light and can be washed. In decoration art, today many wallpapers are used because, in addition to its cost-effectiveness, it offers a very beautiful appearance and besides it has other advantages over colors or ornamental stones.

The genus of these wall papers is a combination of paper, PVC or polyurethane coatings that give the product a unique quality and rinse.

- The album of modern art prints in the Collection 2017 collection has been gathered in a beautiful collection that you can click on to see the album's link. You can also send any image or text you choose to print.

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