سازه های سفارشی

Custom Structure

The construction of newly designed structures, which attracts more attention to your business, has always been the priority of the design department, the printing of modern art. For this purpose, we have teamed up with technical specialists, market advertising analysts, and skilled executive staff to fulfill your demands. Extending the principles of the exhibition's advertising and methods to the World Trade Day for the construction of specific structures that make it more visible. You will be in the exhibitions, conferences and meetings of the companies on our agenda.

Structural design, product quality printout, strict implementation of principles make all the harmonics in the booth, which results in attracting more attention to the audience. The main components for custom structures are the Form SPACE and the Exhibition panel.


! Open the door to your business

Modern art print (design and role advertising group)

We always try to design and construct your desired structure, taking into account the technical, financial and commercial dimensions of your business. Most of our activities in this regard, which is welcomed by many customers, is a form of exhibition and panel panels. In the design of custom structures we consider the following principles:


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