Exhibition Panel

The panel panel, the prefabricated wall, is a completely rugged aluminum structure that is used to create space in exhibition stands and also to partition and isolate booths. The very light weight and the large display and the convenience of folding panels, which are held by one person in seconds, have made this structure a great tool for creating a high impact on marketing and advertising.

Printing on this structure is done in pieces, and then these pieces are arranged in the same way as the puzzle and take the shape of a wall; since printing on the structure is installed, it prevents time spent during the exhibition. The structure also has two-way printing capabilities, and with it you can create many changes in the space of the exhibition.

atributies :

- Very easy to install and run

- Very high flexibility

- durability and long life

Application :

Exhibitions, offices, conferences

Most used type of printing:

Plate and laminate, poster




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