CD/DVD Printing

The printing technology on CDs and DVDs makes it possible for all print jobs to be done at the highest quality and at the lowest possible times in all circuits. This type of printing is available in three different ways: Offset, Digital and Silk screen.

Offset printing on CD / DVD: 

Offset printing is a kind of print, which is done in four-color printing with the offset printing machine. In this print method, CD printing is of the highest quality, due to the ability to execute the 0-100 timing, in CMYK quadrilaterally at the same time. The quality of this print is exactly the same as printing offset on paper and is suitable for use in advertisements to attract customers.

Digital Printing on CD / DVD: 

Digital printing is a type of print that is practiced by printers that have a CD tray and can print on CDs digitally or in print.

silk screen print :
Silicon Printing is a type of printing as a separate color, usually done in flat colors. In this split-printed method, the design of the CD has an extraordinary quality (due to its texture), and because of its more thick color, the durability of the color on the CD is longer and the print is of superior quality. .


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