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Pop Up

The pop-up is the largest portable console that holds up an impressive eye-catching view of a large graphic page and maximize background coverage, making you more focused on your competitors. The structure has a H-skeletal structure and is connected to each other by means of a stainless steel rail, magnetic, hourly or rail. The size of this structure can be changed in terms of the number of network houses together called the module. To make it more beautiful. This structure can be mounted on that projector and creates a beautiful lighting.

atributies :

- Different sizes depending on the space used

- Ability to switch printing and use for various purposes

- Maximum coverage using minimum equipment

- The ability to install the projector

Application :

Exhibitions, interior and exterior, conference halls, exhibitions booths, news conferences, sports, politics ...

Most Used Printing:

Laminate Plate, Banner

Installation :

The pop-up has an aluminum skeleton and is a stand-up slider. It can also be easily installed by placing the spring inside it.

Pop-up types:

- Flat pop-up: Dimensions 2 * 3 ... 3 * 3 ... 4 * 3 ... 5 * 3 To display the printed plot on it flat

- Pop-up curve: Dimensions 2 * 3 ... 3 * 3 ... 4 * 3 ... 5 * 3 To display the printout on it concave

- Pop-up cylindrical: 230 cm high to display the 360-degree viewing angle



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