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Exhibition Table

The exhibition desk (counter-table) or counter is the main pillar of the exhibition booth, which is used for product information, services and products, and the main difference with the usual tables is the ability to install and portability. The main use of this structure is in Exhibits, answering contacts, as well as sampling, are also used in conferences and lectures as laptop and laptop stalls.

atributies :

- PVC MDF panel that can be folded

- The countertower has a shelf for keeping the catalog and sample of the product.

Application :

Exhibit booths, halls, stores, airports, and ...

Installation :

After installing the structure, it's easy to install the printed design with the magnet on it.

Counter Counter Types:

- Magnetive Counter Table (Rulers are attached to the magnet)

- Hourly table counter (After placing the ruler in its place, the circular part is rotated to keep the rulers constant)

- Counter Rail Station (The rulers fall into the rails)

- Mini Counter Table (Suitable for small pavilions and limited spaces)

- Crowned Counter Table (Advertising capability in the upper and lower parts), which is why it is an effective tool for introducing goods, displaying the product and distributing samples. The crown table counter is known as the sample table of food, Cosmetic industry, sweets and chocolates and ... from Peruvian customers are crockery countertops)

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