استندهای نمایشگاهی

Exhibition Stand

The Stind is a very lightweight structure for displaying graphic designs. Using a Stand Stand can easily attract the attention of visitors. In fact, it is the simplest and most used portables of the exhibition. The stamp design templates are intended as plinth + laminate (matte / gloss). Its unique features include: 1. Lightweight and low cost, 2. Easy to carry and easy installation (according to size, print design punches They are easily inserted into the hooks), 3. Easy to change the design, 4. Changeable size.

In general, stands are divided into two categories:

- Resizable style: The newest type of stands, made of light aluminum and compact in some types of plastic, and easily resizable. Available in both Iranian and foreign types.

- Table stand: Its kind of plastic is compact, and the most important feature is small and low cost, and is used in dealerships, factories, offices and institutions.


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Modern art print (design and role advertising group)

Modern art printing is proud to combine art with the knowledge of the day and has designed attractive structures. To be more visible, you need to be specific and this distinction will boost your business. Our main activities regarding exhibitors are:



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