چاپ پرده شید

Shid Curtain Printing

Blind curtains come up and down the curtains. In this type of curtain, the light adjustment is performed by vertical movement (up and down) of a cloth attached to a pulley collecting system and consists of two main parts.

- The reel and frame system, which is responsible for collecting and opening the curtain.

- Fabrics that are cover and curtains.

The curtain is suitable for any interior space, with a variety of designs, including Islamic designs and vectosis designs, which are spun on the top of the curtain, which include: office, shop window, shop, lounge, kitchen Open kitchen, living room, bedroom and so on.

Custom designs are also accepted, and the likelihood of your favorite designs and images, along with the logo, logo or any other image, will create a highly customizable mix.

The Bank has compiled modern art prints in the 2017 Collection, which you can click on the album's link to view.

New Collection 2017

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