چاپ پرده لوردراپه

Lordarpe Curtain Printing

These curtains come from a number of vertical joints that are placed on a regular aluminum rail, which are used extensively in offices, restaurants and many commercial centers for their low cost, fast installation and long service life. Usually lordarpe blades are produced in various designs such as cashmere, bronze, flower, cubism, wood and picture designs with more than 100 designs and colors. Therefore, it is possible to easily create between these curtains and furniture or any interior decoration , Made fit.

The image type of the lordrape curtain allows you to print the logo and images in one place (for installation on windows) and duplex (in places where there is no reflection of the light behind the curtain) without any limitations. Therefore, the choice of design by choosing from On the relevant albums (child's room, nature, food, drink, sports, etc.), or by providing your own designs, it's easy.

Lordship Curtain Features:

1- Due to the use of 100% high quality materials, these curtains can be washed and have high resistance to sunlight, moisture and rupture.

2- They have a variety of colors and designs.

3- They have the ability to install in the shortest time and have low operating costs.

4- It is possible to print pictures of people, brides and grooms, children, natural and historical landscapes, corporate logos and many other designs on these screens.

5- A very affordable price (this kind of curtain is considered as the simplest of the cheapest decorative elements, where it can be used to separate partitions or divide space into partitions)

Also, the bank has compiled modern art prints in the collection of 2017, which you can click on the album link for viewing.

New Collection 2017


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