استند کاتالوگ نمایشگاهی

Catalog Stand

A base for displaying and supplying catalogs, books, newspapers and promotional leaflets is generally a staple of exhibitions and conferences. Of course, it is also used in offices and corporations. According to the type of need and access to catalogs, one-way and two-way models can be used.

Its features include fine design, low volume and easy transportation.

Stand application is more catalog at conferences, stores, conferences, corporations, offices, and more.

Types of catalogs

1. Plexiglist Catalog:

It is made of aluminum and plexiglas and has a first grade zigzag and is available from both sides. This model is made up of accredited stanzas, has accessibility from both sides and is suitable for use in exhibitions, dealerships and sales centers.

2. Metal Stamp Catalog

The material is metal and has 5 or 4 floors for keeping promotional papers. Due to the metallicity it is very durable, it can be folded and suitable for use in exhibitions, dealerships and sales centers.

3. Standby Catalog:

In addition to having classes for catalog picking, it also has a platform page that increases its use. Having a podium page is a snap and a nice feature of this model.




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