آسمان مجازی

Light Ceiling

The basis of the work of the ceiling light imaging, its quality is based. For this purpose, at every step of the work, we try to use the highest quality possible to see the unique appearance of the product. These light-emitting diode ceilings have the ability to combine with classical and modern architecture and add to their beauty. It is also easily combined with a variety of ceilings, such as an integrated ceiling, roof rabbit, gypsum ceilings and lattice ceilings.

Light ceiling design consists of two parts. The first part of the design of the ceiling structure and its formation, layout and fittings, the second part of the graphic design of the ceiling and the design of the bug that are printed on it. Images in modern art printing albums are wide and diverse for this section. Considering The high quality of the images gives you a beautiful look. You can also send your favorite images to print.

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