Space Frame

The shape of the form is a structure to the regular geometric forms that are united side by side and, by dividing the force by the weight of the structure, enjoy a special beauty along with the strength of the pavilions. With the Compression Frame, you can create a variety of exhibits and structures. Spice frames are connected to each other by SPICE SPICE (SPICE frame frames that are manufactured with high quality features in a spade structure) and create solid and beautiful shapes and shapes, among which they can be of various types. , Totes, vault, exhibition booths and others.

Due to their geometric shapes and shapes, the spice puts their weight in different directions, which increases the strength of the frame's faces and is suitable for building all kinds of spaces, such as a hall, a pavilion, a panel and a banner.

Advantages of Space Frame:

- Creating beautiful structures using the frame of the frame, which are produced in different dimensions of high quality

- The variation of the SPICE form that resembles a fabric that can be used to create all kinds of clothing.

- The low cost of renting a form of space, which for a short time requires extra material to carry out its programs

- The location of the thermal power facilities and ... of the space of the frame of the frame

- The speed at which Spas Constructor creates and executes the frame speaks first

- Easy to install and quickly open the frame space whenever you wish

- Ability to use in any weather conditions in all parts of the country, which of course, the creation of an effect requires an expert and excellent engineering study.

- The low weight of the frame structures and its easy application in the construction of exhibition stands

- The best lighting design and lighting booth

- A structure that is safe and resistant to atmospheric conditions

- Possibility of placing ceilings for stands of SPICE frame in external spaces


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